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Blood-taking and injection practice kit

Product details


Learn syringe technique,
with all the sensitivity of the clinical reality.


Features  * The injection techniques shown here are for intravenous drip.

  • The simulation blood bag has none of the inconvenience of once-only use products, or the need for preparation or subsequent disposal.
  • The simulation blood vessel even replicates the overswelling (blood congestion) caused by an actual tourniquet.
  • Allows for easy confirmation of injection depth and direction.
  • For easy training anytime and anywhere. (Readily usable in hospital wards, nurse centers, etc.)
  • No conspicuous “injection scars” on the simulated skin however many times it is injected.
  • Easily portable together with the syringes, needles, simulation blood bags, etc. required for training.
  • Low cost, high performance.
  • No need to reschedule working shifts for training purposes.

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