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Mosaic Panel (Lumibloc Mosaic Panel)

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Delivered to Hanshin Expressway
Public Corporation via Omron

Lumibloc Panel employing mosaic tile system may express information more freely and more richly when used with dedicated display units. And now we enjoy high reputation as the top brand in the stationary monitoring panel industry, and continuously provides human-friendly environment.


  • Due to good contrast with stationary part consisting of engraved and/or painted mosaic tiles, the indicator units may offer good visibility that facilitates perception of necessary information and gives less strain to eyes, compared to the information displayed on the screen.
  • It is possible to quickly respond to change in the objects to be monitored, because symbols and pictures on the panel can be easily moved and changed.
  • In addition to a large selection, it is possible to combine with other tiles of different size.

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