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Privacy Policy

  1. We, KCC Shokai Limited, will assign Personal Information Protection Personnel to control all personal information properly with responsible personnel assigned to each department where personal information may be handled.
  2. Prior to handling of personal information, we will specify and announce or inform of the purposes of its use.
  3. Any information we may collect will not be used for any purposes other than those specified above.
  4. When personal information handling is to be outsourced, we will appoint reliable subcontractor considered to handle personal information properly, and cause them to control personal information adequately under agreement with provisions on secrecy obligation, safe handling, and prohibition of re-outsourcing.
  5. Prior to use of personal information jointly with group companies etc., we will announce or inform of (1) data item/items of personal information that will be jointly used, (2) user/users with whom the personal information will be jointly used, (3) purposes of use, and (4) personnel responsible for the control of personal information.
  6. Any personal information held by us will not be disclosed or provided to any third parties without consent of the individual concerned, except the cases mentioned below:
    • Where required by law,
    • where it is necessary for the protection of life, body or property of an individual, and where it is difficult to obtain consent from the individual concerned,
    • where it is especially necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of sound child development, and where it is difficult to obtain consent from the individual concerned, or
    • where it is necessary in cooperating with state organization or local public entity for performing the work placed in our charge as stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations , and where it may constitute a hindrance to the performance of such work to obtain consent from the individual concerned.
  7. All personal information held by us are kept under strict control, and will be safely returned or erased at an appropriate time when the intended purpose is accomplished.
  8. We will try our best to protect the personal information held by us from the risks such as unauthorized access, loss, alteration, and leakage by taking adequate security measures of reasonable level.
  9. We will observe relevant Japanese laws, regulations and other rules for the protection of personal information.
  10. We will continuously review and improve our personal information protection system.
  11. This policy will be made known to all employees involved of our company.
  12. All employees involved of our company will be adequately trained for enhancing consciousness of personal information protection.
Kobe, March 25, 2005
KCC Shokai Limited
Yasuhiro Himeno, President

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